About Us


Australian Veterinary Serum Laboratories was established in 1969 by Lismore veterinarian Dr David Jones BVSc MACVSc. Despite operating a busy and successful mixed practice in Lismore, Northern NSW – the “tick capital” of Australia – Dr Jones wanted to produce a readily accessible and reliable tick antivenom with a consistently high titre which until then, was not available.


Commitment to quality production and good manufacturing practice meant that AVSL was the first producer of tick antivenoms to obtain NRA (now APVMA) registration.


Realising the need for a Veterinary specific antivenom for the treatment of Brown Snake envenomation, work began in 1994 to develop a competitively priced Brown Snake antivenom. This culminated in the registration of AVSL Multi Brown Snake Antivenom in 1998.


Since attaining a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 1999, David’s son Dr Nick Jones BSc (Hons) BVSc has become actively involved in Australian Veterinary Serum Laboratories.


Our antivenoms are processed and bottled in our own APVMA approved laboratory meaning we have complete control of every step from the collection, processing and bottling of each and every batch. AVSL supplies the Eastern seaboard of Australia with Ixodes holocyclus Antivenom and our Multi Brown Snake Antivenom is distributed throughout Australia.


While others have come and gone AVSL has remained and is committed to producing quality reliable antivenoms for the Veterinary Profession now and into the future.

About Us