Ixodes holocyclus Antivenom

Powerful antivenom against tick paralysis

Multi Brown Snake Antivenom

Effective against various brown snake envenomation

Developed by Veterinarians

Made by the profession for the profession

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AVSL Antivenoms

AVSL (Australian Veterinary Serum Laboratories) is a market leader in the development and manufacture of veterinary specific antivenoms for the Paralysis Tick and multiple Australian Brown Snakes.


Our antivenoms are processed and bottled in our own APVMA approved laboratory meaning we have complete control of every step from the collection, processing and bottling of each and every batch. AVSL supplies the Eastern seaboard of Australia with Ixodes holocyclus Antivenom and our Multi Brown Snake Antivenom is distributed throughout Australia.


AVSL has developed informative display charts for Tick Identification, Fluid Therapy and Snake Identification. CLICK HERE to order charts for your clinic.